To say that I never thought I would end up in marketing is an understatement. After earning my BA in Creative Writing from the University of Pittsburgh, I thought I'd work my up to be a lauded, and much sought after science fiction and fantasy editor at a large publishing house. Fast forward seven years, and I now find myself spending more time working in Excel than deep in a novel (though I still make time to feed that creative side).

Each job up to this point has allowed me to grow as a digital marketing professional in new and different ways. My time at a start-up writing website content gave me the SEO chops I still use today. I started at University-Bound (Level Interactive) writing articles on my boss' couch, and was there long enough to see the company grow and subsequently move into "real" offices. By the time I left, I had picked Paid Search and Social to add to my growing skill set. I spent another two years as a Paid Search Strategist with LunaMetrics, a Google Analytics Certified Partner and growing digital consultancy. It was here I truly honed my PPC and analytical skills through account management and by leading trainings across the country. My current role at BarkleyREI has allowed me to truly grow into a digital consultant; I often work on the high-level strategy and am very much a client-facing person, but I also dig into the details with campaign execution, optimization and reporting.

My expertise is now firmly rooted in Paid Search and Social as well as Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager implementation and customizations. I work with clients to help provide a roadmap and measurement plan for an effective and engaging online presence. 

I may not be where I thought I'd be when I first graduated college, but I am certainly in the place I was meant to be whether I knew it then or not.